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We do the Lot: Full Solar System Installations, Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries & Electrical

About Us

NSW Solar Hub is Australian owned and operated company. Our team is focused in energy saving and energy cost reduction. We are driven to supply best quality products and quick service. We are strongly focused to our clients needs and to understand their priorities. We engineer the best designs and construct solutions for clients. We provide cost effective and optimized solutions to our clients.We work directly with our customers which means we do not use third party installers.¬†Furthermore, We use tier one companies’ solar products.

Life span of th solar panel is very good. So it can generate energy for long time

Electricity generated from solar is an eco-friendly energy

Cost of solar panel is cheaper than the power from grid

Best Price in Market Gauranttee
Locally Owned Business
Experienced & Skilled Workers
Premium Industry Trusted Brand

Why Choose Us


Panel Configuration

Best Products

We offer our clients best and powerful solar solutions designed for optimal performance, maximum savings and long terms reliability.


Green Energy

Experienced and Certified

We have team of nationally certified solar professionals with years of experience to deliver custom design to meet your requirements.


Electricity Charge

Hassle free Installation

Installation will be easy and effective, we can also customize solar panel installation to accommodate your energy needs.


Battery Meter

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to providing the highest level of service, innovative products, fair and honest services, for every customer we serve.


Electricity Charge

Affordable and Durable

We offer you best, affordable and dependable solar solutions and we guarantee it will last for very long time.


Green Energy

Premium Inverters & Batteries

We offer wide range of high-efficiency inverters and batteries at reasonable prices and we guarantee high-quality performance.