Solar Panel Installation Sydney NSW

Sydney is slowly but steadily taking over other cities of North South Wales with regard to adopting sustainable energy. We see a high rise in the number of customers who are coming forward to install solar panels, be it residential or commercial purpose.

What do Solar Panels do?

Solar panels trap the energy radiating from the sun and then produce it as DC electricity which makes the whole process harmless to the environment unlike the conventional system.  This is one of the major reasons why people in Sydney are becoming more aware and opting for installing solar panels for use which is environment friendly also.

One good decision is going to save you from burning a hole in your pocket every month in the name of electricity bill and a life-long service.

Why hire NSW Solar Hub for installing Solar Panel?

Because we at NSW Solar Hub provide a complete solar solution that include Solar installation, Solar Battery products, Solar Package & Products with 12 years panel replacement warranty, 5+5 years inverter warranty and 25 years panel performance warranty.

Our objective is same as that of our customers, to give back to nature and go green.

We have the reputation of using only Tier 1 company panels. We are an Australian based company that aims to give the top quality services at the best price in the market.

What roles do Solar inverter and Solar Battery play in the Solar System?

Solar inverter converts the DC electricity which is trapped by the solar panel and converts it into AC electricity that then is consumed by the house. That is why the inverter is called the brain of the solar system.

Solar inverters are easy to install and follow simple steps for installation. They can be stacked either on the roof or on the wall. Visit us today to avail the best product at an exciting price range.

Solar batteries on the other hand, are now a source of clever investment as they are so designed that they act as a store house for the surplus power generated by the solar panels. This energy can later be used instead of leading the way to the grid.

These solar batteries come in all ranges and varieties which offer you with options to choose. We have everything that you need for your requirement at the most affordable price ranges. Either to add a solar battery to your already existing solar panels or buy and install a new solar system with solar battery, we have it all covered for you.

Buying the solar system that includes battery is an ideal decision for the customers. However, it is no big deal either, if you choose and decide to add a battery to your existing solar system.

Our expert team is here to assist you with the requirements about monthly or yearly energy usage to understand how much power is consumed on an average and what capacity of battery is appropriate for your house hold.

Once it is understood, we make it easier for both our clients and our professional installers to attend to your solar system with an ideal battery for its service.  Our expert team is well versed and well informed of the government standards and official regulations for solar installation.

Best Solar Installers Sydney

NSW Solar Hub prioritizes the needs of the clients and work upon it to execution. We have a one to one dealing with our customers without involving a third party unlike other companies, which makes us stand out in this market.

The process of installing solar panel can be clumsy and may show issues in supply of uninterrupted power supply if the location is not proper. It is advisable to install the solar panels on the rooftop for it receives maximum sunlight.

Installation of solar panels are mostly seen and done on rooftops, however, the option of the ground cannot be ruled out. Mounting on the ground is another option for many customers who do not like roof installation. Our professional team would guide you through it.

We have the best solar panel installers in whole of Sydney. Our expert installer team are all accredited by the Clean Energy Council and we are a member of Clean Energy Council Member ourselves to claim our commendable works.

NSW Solar Hubs not only offer you with the best products with optimal performance but also provide you hassle free installation. Installation can also be customized as per the requirements of our clients.

The benefits that come along with installing of solar panel are cost-effective, energy which is nature friendly and the longevity of the panels that goes without saying lasts for a very long time.

Our installer team is the best in this field. They are highly experienced and professional with great technical knowledge. You no more worry once you are with NSW Solar Hubs because you are in safe hands. Call us now to avail the best services.

Solar System Installation

Solar system comprises of three major components- a solar inverter with computerised controller, solar panels and a mounting system.  The energy from the sun is trapped by the solar panels to produce DC electricity. This DC is then converted into AC by the inverter after which is used in the household. The use of computerised controller is to ensure optimal performance and manage the solar system.

A battery is a requirement for a backup system. Installing a solar system involves electrical wiring, solar panels assembly, connection between solar inverter and solar panel, between solar battery and solar inverter, between inverter and grid.

Whether it is residential or commercial or government buildings, our professional team will find all suitable options for the installation. Location wise, if the panel is best suited for rooftop or ground mounting our experts with years of experience will help and guide you through it.

The process of solar system installation can be briefed by the following steps.

  • Setting up of scaffolding so that the whole process of installation on the roof goes safely.
  • The angle at which the panel receives exposure of maximum sunlight is between 18ᵒ to 36ᵒ. It requires for the mounting system for the solar panel to be constructed.
  • Electric wiring is the next step where skilled and highly trained electricians are called for.
  • Connection of the solar inverter to the solar system follows.

 It is advisable to place the inverter in a cooler place depending upon the location of the panels. If it is outside then it is kept away from direct sunlight.

  • Connection between the solar battery and solar inverter is the next step.
  • Finally, connecting the inverter to the consumer unit. This step is to ensure generation of electricity to the house hold. Thereafter, testing the solar panel system by switching the power on.

This whole process is undertaken, supervised and executed by our team of installer experts who take pride in making your demands fulfilled with top quality service and at the most reasonable rate.

We also take orders for customised designs from our clients. NSW Solar Hubs with our Clean Energy Council accredited installers take joy to be a part of and contribute to going back to nature friendly environment.

NSW Solar Hub ensures satisfactory and clean work and after-sales support to our clients. It is a one stop shop for an investment of a life time. We highly appreciate and look forward to the feedbacks and suggestions of our valued customers as we thrive to do only better.

Avail our best service and best product at your door step. We are a call away from making our planet greener and a better place to live in.